Partner Program

API and technical specifications for three levels of integration

VisionTree is pleased to offer a Partner Program to expand and enhance your specialty-specific product solution. VisionTree provides API and technical specifications for three levels of integration from which to choose. The flexibility of a modular, web-based solution allows for the adoption of a Service-Oriented-Architecture and specialty-specific, patient/provider modules for rapid deployment and delivery to market in a fast-paced and rapidly expanding healthcare ecosystem.

Partner Program Deliverables

  • Patient Portal and Clinician Portal - Modular Solutions
    • Integrated with your technology
    • Seamless integration and ability for your own branding
    • Proven operational improvements and immediate ROI
  • APIs (Web-Services) include:
    • Forms (Patient Registration, Health History, Patient Reported Outcomes). Includes template for interactive treatment pathway: reminders and patient education
    • CCD/CCR - Continuity of Care Document, Continuity of Care Record
    • Secure, Two-Way Patient/Provider Messaging System
    • Account Resolution (patient record management between disparate systems)
  • Security & Connectivity
    • Roles-based connectivity and system access controls, including de-identified data management
    • ARRA ONC-ATCB modular certifications for foundational security/privacy and clinical data exchange (certificate: 04072011-1140-8)
    • VisionTree supports all HIT data interchange standards including HL7 and Direct Project protocols
  • Specialty-Specific Partner Program Modules include:
    • eRegister/Intake Module
    • Secure, Two-Way Patient/Provider Messaging Module
    • Patient Reported Outcomes & Quality of Life - Data Collection & Reporting
      • Extensive library of QoL assessments
      • Timepoint Manager for multiple protocol management and reporting
      • Clinical Template Builder - Best practice templates w/time points, reminders and education material (customizable & configurable)
    • eReferral Network
    • Quality & Safety Alerting/Reporting Module
    • Configurable, Mobile Version

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