Mobile Events

Browser-Based, Data-Driven Events

VisionTree Mobile delivers highly interactive, data driven events that includes real-time surveys, live Q&A and paperless content management using any mobile browser-based device. Attendees can either use their own devices including Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Netbook, Laptop or a rental device provided by VisionTree to deliver a turnkey, highly interactive, paperless event. Proven results include over 90% audience participation rate and over 1M users.

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More Than Just Audience Response

Easy To Use, Delivers Valuable Results

VisionTree Mobile is more than just an audience response system (ARS), it is a next generation solution for your meeting that provides multiple opportunities for attendee interaction including real-time surveys, electronic forms completion, live Q&A, up-to-date agendas, custom branding, and many more features.

VisionTree vs. Keypad ARS

VisionTree Mobile works on any browser based device (Smartphone, tablet/iPad, PDA, Laptop), requires no software, and can easily be deployed for large and small events. Unlike a basic keypad solution which limits the types of questions that you can ask (Yes/No, A, B, or C, etc) (see picture to the right), with VisionTree, you can ask any type of question using sliding scales, checkboxes, ranking, free-text, or create your own question. No keypad company can offer the ability to ask multiple questions at once, because with VisionTree, the questions are displayed on the user's device.

Paperless Meetings

Leveraging its web based platform, VisionTree Mobile can host your agenda, speaker bios, and other custom meeting content. No other solution can offer a real-time, customized agenda for attendees to access anywhere in your venue. VisionTree Mobile also supports audio files which allow for interactive education and training exercises.

Modular System - Flexibility and Customization

Measurement Module

The measurement module allows attendees to fill out surveys, feedback forms, CME/CEU and other custom forms. Responses can then be graphed and displayed in real-time at the event, or presented post-event on a website that VisionTree can host. This module also features comparative reporting, outcomes documentation and pre and post web-based surveys.

Live Q&A Module

Attendees can send questions to the speaker or panel anonymously using their VisionTree device. These questions can then be filtered, edited and approved for a speaker or panel to answer. VisionTree Mobile is the only application that offers this module and it is part of our standard offering. VisionTree Mobile now allows for posted Twitter feeds into the Q&A module for editing and live review.

Paperless Meeting Module

VisionTree will convert your existing paper agendas, speaker bios and meeting materials so that they can be accessed with just one click from mobile devices and laptops. This module also allows for a custom view of this content to provide a unique user experience for each attendee. Custom content (ads, videos, audio, etc.) can be integrated for an additional cost.

Browser-Based, No Software, Patented Technology

Nothing to Install, Stand-Alone System

Using patented technology, VisionTree Mobile is entirely web-based, which means there is no integration necessary with your PowerPoints. VisionTree will run in parallel with your meeting and allow you capture data even if a speaker doesn't have a specific time set away for audience response. For example, after each speaker, an attendee would select "Give Feedback" and would rate the speaker on a scale of 1-5, and provide any comments or suggestions. This allows you to capture the ratings in real-time, at the moment of interaction and gives you a greater quality and quantity of feedback.

Integrates with Existing Agenda

Since VisionTree is a stand-alone system, you can keep your existing agenda and designated times for question and answer. VisionTree greatly enhances the meeting and provides more focused and productive Q&A sessions by giving the speakers a real-time feed from the audience. Each attendee can send in their questions the moment they have them instead of waiting in a line for a microphone or being too intimidated to stand up and ask out loud.

As a speaker or moderator, when it is time for Q&A, you simply look at the laptop that is on the stage (provided by VisionTree) and read off the questions. No other company offers the Live Q&A module and with years of experience, VisionTree is your choice for a proven workflow and immediate results.

Improve Results, Documentation and Efficiency


VisionTree Mobile provides real-time graphical results at your meeting so you can see what the audience is thinking. VisionTree goes beyond your typical ARS solution because with VisionTree, attendees can answer multiple questions at once by simply scrolling on their device, just like how you read an email. This allows attendees to fill out feedback, CME/CEU, profile forms and any custom surveys you want. You can instantly see through VisionTree's Performance Dashboard how attendees are doing on certain topics, questions or breakouts and see how speakers are fairing based on their feedback ratings.


Since everything done on VisionTree is captured electronically, the entire meeting and attendees interaction is documented. This gives you a tremendous amount of data as a meeting planner, sales manager or conference organizer. You can identify the trends and hot topics, and see the knowledge retention and education on both an individual and group level. VisionTree can be setup to be completely anonymous or in "Profile" mode where attendees login with a user ID and their results and answers are tracked. Tracking the responses allows for team competition, regional results, and "correct" answer points to be given to a user, a group, or a team to have a fun and interactive competition.


VisionTree is designed to enhance your meeting by capturing everything in a paperless environment. All data can be exported to Excel or PDF and the reports can be placed directly into PowerPoint for presentations or end-of-day committee meetings. Using VisionTree at your conference will allow you to focus on the education, the goals, and the strategic objectives of your meeting and to capture and measure that data much more efficiently.