VTOC Clinical

Secure, cloud-based paperless patient management

Connected Care. Patient Powered.

The VisionTree Optimal Care (VTOC) v4.1 platform is a cloud-based, interoperable patient and clinical portal system proven to deliver improved quality and efficiency for patient care. VTOC Clinical is a proven, secure cloud-based patient & provider portal system for paperless data management and communication specifically designed for a patient-centered outcomes workflow.

VTOC collects and stores patient health records, consents, reminders, messages, education material and outcomes data with disease-specific clinical and patient reported outcomes forms and templates. VTOC delivers improved workflow efficiency and quality of care through patient self-registration, forms management, smartphone data access and real-time data analytics of quality of life & MACRA improvement activity measures.

  • Significant library of electronic, validated patient reported outcomes assessments (200+) delivered for patient completion at any time point [Baseline, 6 mo, 12 mo, 1 yr... ]
  • Form & Template APIs for "plug-and-play" interface with existing patient portals and clinical systems
  • Deliver measurable value-based care and population health with patient reported outcomes as a key quality measure
  • Library of over 200 validated ePROMs includes all medical conditions with a core focus in: oncology, urology, neuro/spine and orthopaedic surgery
  • Proven Results: Over 90% patient compliance rate; 40% improved compliance over paper
  • Interoperability tool suite for bi-directional data exchange between disparate clinical systems including HL7, web service and scheduled report interfaces
  • VTOC Import Hub and Account Resolution Center for data mapping, import and connectivity across multiple sites using disparate EHR systems
  • Patient record identity management links patient account between sites, multi-center research and registry initiatives
  • Admin-level Reporting and User Role Management across multiple sites
  • Proven Results: Connecting multiple centers and organizations within a community and for national/global research and registry initiatives
  • VTOC is ARRA HITECH Meaningful Use certified as a modular, interoperable EHR
  • Deliver Clinical Treatment Summary [C-CDA] to patient and referring physician portals
  • Two-way, secure messaging for patient, provider and referring physician portals
  • Form alerts for patient and clinician reported outcomes set for "abnormal values" provide quality alerts and actionable data
  • Proven Results: Timely patient portal access with high levels of patient engagement and active, self-managed participation in their care pathways
  • Disease-site specific patient and clinician reported outcomes forms, reminders and personalized education materials managed in VTOC care pathways templates
  • Data cascade and form auto-completion between all VTOC patient & clinical forms to "fill out data only once". Standardized outcomesdata sets across most all medical conditions is provided for quality reporting and global benchmarking.
  • Patient-centered communication and roles-based notifications with coordinated care team for integrated care delivery in clinical and research workflows
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics for Population Health and Comparative Eectiveness Research
  • Proven Results: 30% improvement in missed appointments; 10 minutes per-patient-per-form saved within multi-disciplinary groups
ePROMs API Suite
  • Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (ePROMs)
  • Library of over 200+ validated outcomes assessments, intake & follow-up forms across most all medical conditions
  • Includes template/timepoint manager with roles/rules-based form alerts
  • API Suite for interoperability with any EHR/OIS or patient portal for delivering optimized patient engagement, clinical data exchange (HIEs, ACOs) and longitudinal patient-centered outcomes data collection and reporting
Cancer Survivorship Program & Care Pathways
  • VTOC provides an NCDB compliant cancer survivorship program with ASCO treatment summary and care plan templates
  • MU certified for generating the C-CDA
  • With its ePROMs library and APIs, VTOC helps deliver patient-centered data exchange, coordinated care team communication, building a patient's PHR and patient-centered oncology pathways for a patient's lifelong quality of care
Import Hub
  • Data mapping and export/import interface for multi-center research, registry and population data collection and reporting using your own specified data elements
Rapid Forms Builder
  • Ability to build, edit and publish forms with various question types/layouts for use on the VTOC platform across all major web browsers
360 Analytics
  • Population health charts/dashboards, risk-adjusted outcomes reporting and longitudinal outcomes data management
VTOC Dosimetry Parser
  • Ability to parse discreet dosimetric data from any treatment planning system to generate a plan quality report
  • Generate parsed plan reports in batch in VTOC reporting for Excel® export or building custom reports