About Us

Our vision, principles and history

Corporate Vision

Based in San Diego, CA, Visiontree is a profitable, privately held company incorporated in 2003. Visiontree's strategic vision is to improve the transparency of information for patient wellness and care by delivering cloud-based, patient-centric data exchange, interoperablity and outcomes tracking across communities.

Visiontree recognizes that patient-centric healthcare system reform is being driven by several factors including consumer demand and the adoption of specific quality measures by payers & providers. The overarching need is to provide the best quality of care, delivered affordably, for optimal, long-term quality of life.

Our Guiding Principles

As originally established by Neil Martin, M.D., Visiontree Chief Medical Officer

Based on these factors, Visiontree is working closely with patients, providers, medical societies and payers to collect outcomes data, foster patient responsibility and aggregate quality measures for transparency on physician, hospital and specialty levels.

From the experience of implementing Visiontree solutions at over 600 sites to date, our team has learned to never underestimate the readiness and willingness of patients to embrace cloud-based communication and the physicians and staff to adopt new technology. By eliminating the paper process of patient's completing information and saving steps to input their data directly into a secure, electronic and easily accessible format, VTOC has been proven to improve the quality of patient care and the efficiency of staff workflows.

Timeline of Innovation


Visiontree was founded and incorporated in California


Visiontree 'System Workflow' and 'Decision Engine' patents issued applied to shared patient/provider decision making software, used for evidence based treatment option evaluations and electronic informed consent


Visiontree Conference is used by leading hospital organizations, medical Societies and World Congress meetings; over 20,000 users in its first year

Visiontree launches the first patient portal at UCLA with roles/rules-based login for research data collection within clinical workflow. 3 peer-reviewed abstracts establishes Visiontree as a leader in secure, web-based patient communication and data collection systems


Visiontree Optimal Care™ (VTOC) is installed at 30+ sites; Visiontree Conference integrates smart phone technology launching Visiontree Mobile™, starting a revolution towards patient portals, web-based multi-center research, as well as paperless meetings


Visiontree launched national JDRF clinical Trials Connection w/ 18K+ patients. VTOC installed in over 80 sites and launched RTOG multi-center research study


VTOC is adopted at leading institutions including UT MD Anderson, Cedars-Sinai, UC Irvine and Athena Breast Cancer Registry


VTOC internationally has 5,000+ diabetes patients in 30+ sites/11 languages with two servers launched in the EU


VTOC reaches over 1MM+ patients in its system at 150+ sites and new registry market breakthroughs with partners in oncology and research registries - ASTRO, RTOG and SWEET


VTOC reaches over 250+ sites with the VTOC platform in use for clinical, cloud-based workflow delivering Meaningful Use requirements, as well as multi-center research and population health registry participation


VTOC expands it use with the American Board of Radiology (ABR) national registry. VTOC also launches the J&J Digital Health Scorecard in Brazil for World Health Day and at TEDMED in Washington D.C.


The VTOC cloud-based, patient-centered outcomes platform is implemented at over 400 sites, including 200+ oncology programs. VTOC is delivering a robust modular, patient portal workflow solution with dynamically completed forms and templates including intake, patient reported outcomes and follow-up forms, integrated with Meaningful Use measures.


VTOC is implemented 500 sites globally, including 300+ oncology programs and 2M+ patient records. Newly added initiatives using VTOC include: the Global Palliative Care Quality Alliance (QGPCQA) and several new NRG Oncology studies with integrated to Medidata Rave® in multiple languages (Cantonese, Mandarin, Chinese and French), as well as the launch of VTOC v5.0 for Meaningful Use Stages 1 & 2 as one, fully interoperable platform for clinical, research and registry use.


VTOC is implemented at over 600 sites globally, including 400+ oncology programs and 2.5M+ patient records. Milestones include launch of the Radiosurgery Society registry, deployment of VTOC in Arabic in the Middle East, ANZ and several new NRG Oncology multi-center research studies for prostate, head and neck, and lung cancer.


VTOC delivers milestones in U.S. and global expansion with adoption at thought leading sites including Mount Sinai Health System, Barrow Neurological Institute / Dignity Health, Ramsay Health and Bangkok Hospital for patient reported outcomes tracking and interoperability solutions. Market leading VTOC features launched for user self management and patient access include: Rapid Forms Builder, Kiosk Mode, FastTrack Forms, Analytics & Reporting Suite and native smartphone apps. Visiontree also opens new distribution offices in EU/MENA and Australia for sales, training and support.


VTOC launches native iOS and Android apps to the ePROs Access Anywhere Suite for optimizing patient engagement and tracking outcomes. VTOC, deployed in 12+ countries and 15+ languages, has opened Visiontree sales and support offices for the Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East regions to deliver outcomes standards, multi-center research and global benchmarking solutions.


VTOC v5.0 is launched with V2 Package - Value-Based Health Care on FHIR® for outcomes tracking with analytics, quality and cost reporting, and benchmarking tools. VTOC receives MACRA 2015 edition Drummond Group certification and also received the 2019 San Diego 'Top 10 Best and Brightest Companies' Award. In November 2019, Visiontree is proud to have been acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary of Brainlab AG in Munich, Germany.


Visiontree launches its COVID-19 patient tool kit with Wellness Check form and alerts, as well as VTOC user self-managed features: Form Data Import Tool, Communication Manager and Care Team Single Sign-On. Several thought leading studies presented at SROA and TROG using VTOC for value-based care reporting and workflows with results including 70%+ patient forms compliance and 86%+ patient product satisfaction. Visiontree is now implemented in 17 of Top 20 U.S. and World Report Hospitals and new sites in the Asia Pacific and European regions.


Visiontree EHR app is launched using SMART on FHIR® as an embedded app with Patient Portal APIs, including the Epic App Orchard, for maximal workflow interoperability and patient reported outcomes forms compliance. In pharma/medtech, Visiontree launches multi-center outcomes program with Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals in Europe for research and value-based care models. KioskMode QR code and Smart Clipboard patient form compliance and care team productivity tools are launched with immediate adoption and impact at Visiontree sites globally.


Visiontree launched FHIR® enabled eForms for optimal Interoperablity with EHRs and research systems. SMS patient care messaging is launched for the US and globally. 'Americares: Roadmap to Health Equity' initiative continues to broaden its expansion to collect patient-level outcomes and process quality measures towards an estimated 1,400 free and charitable clinics nationwide. Visiontree EHR app is selected in the Epic App Orchard by many leading academic hospitals to deliver seamless, automated and proven patient reported outcomes for value-based care and real-world research/registry data reporting.

Customers & Industry Leadership

Visiontree's mission is to empower patients to improve communication with their care team, track patient-centered outcomes and make better, data-driven decisions across a patient's health journey. Visiontree is working with leading academic and community sites around the country and world to deliver a proven, scalable and interoperable platform that supports secure access to patient information from clinic, hospital or home.

There are over 600 sites and 2.5M+ patients using Visiontree at 17 of the top 20 U.S. News and World Report Hospitals, as well as thought leading national and global, multi-institutional research and registry initiatives.

Visiontree is committed to pioneering the field of patient-centric, cloud-based data collection and communication and delivering timely and user-friendly solutions for improving wellness, quality of care, workflow and data collection to meet the evolving needs of the changing healthcare system and helping improve patient-centered outcomes reporting and communication with their providers for optimal quality and efficiency in patient care.


Visiontree Software, Inc. is a subsidiary of Brainlab AG.

Headquarters of Brainlab

Olof-Palme-Straße 9

81829 München


Visiontree and Brainlab are committed to high ethical standards and aims to prevent criminal conduct like corruption, fraud, misstatements of financial transactions, abuse of market power and intellectual property, or theft. Therefore, we have an Integrity & Compliance Program which is addressing legal requirements as well as supporting internal guidelines, procedures and values.

Our Integrity & Compliance Program supports and protects Mint Medical and Brainlab AG, its affiliates and their respective employees in their decisions and actions in challenging ethical situations and shall also promote correct and compliant behavior in order to avoid mistakes and sanctions. Compliance within Mint Medical and Brainlab is the basis for all business related activities and is closely linked to one of the company's core values, Integrity.

We refer to the Brainlab Compliance website. https://www.brainlab.com/compliance/