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SWEET Diabetes Initiative Launches Real-Time Global Data Collection System for Multi-Center Connectivity and Data Set Standards

Visiontree, a leader in Web-based patient-centered data management and provider communication systems, announced today that the SWEET Initiative for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes launched the SWEET Online data collection system to improve the compliance of the data collection, validation and reporting processes using a partnered technology solution from axaris - software and systeme GmbH and Visiontree Software, Inc.

"SWEET" is an acronym standing for "Better control in pediatric and adolescent diabetes: working to create Centers of Reference" and is based on a partnership of established national and European diabetes organizations ( Led by the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD), the goal is to develop joint recommendations with regard to the treatment strategies and standards for pediatric diabetology, as well as training programs for diabetes experts and patients over the next three years at twelve pediatric centers that specialize in the treatment of diabetes. Participating countries include Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

The SWEET Initiative selected technology partners axaris and Visiontree to deliver a platform that allows any participating center to import and input data online using a standard diabetes data set for pediatric and adolescent diabetic patients. axaris provides a specialized Electronic Medical Record system for diabetes management and will also provide a conversion tool to import data to the Visiontree Optimal Careā„¢ (VTOC) online platform for data management and site-level reporting. Aggregate data is de-identified and exported to the SWEET project for longitudinal data analysis, training and ongoing delivery and improvements in the quality of patient care.

Those centers who do not currently have an electronic medical record system, can enter their data directly into VTOC to contribute to the database and manage patient information. Patients will also have the ability to logon to their own secure portal to complete outcomes assessments, receive relevant reminders and education material, as well as communicate with their local pediatric diabetes treatment center. The axaris/VTOC SWEET Online platform will initially allow twelve countries in eleven languages to connect to one unified diabetes database.

"Collecting data around a standard data set from twelve centers in different countries has great challenges, as there are various electronic clinical systems and some centers still using paper for data collection. The axaris and VTOC solution offers us the ability to move this process to an electronic format through vendor-agnostic connectivity and a secure Web portal to collect data in a faster and more compliant manner. The platform also allows us to collect potentially missing data elements and aggregate this data for the highest quality research, training and improved delivery of care."

Thomas Danne, M.D.
Director of the SWEET project, President of the ISPAD and Director of the Diabetes Centre for Children and Adolescents in Hannover, Germany

Each year, more and more children and adolescents all over the world are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The overall annual increase is estimated at around 3%. However, even in countries with highly developed health care systems, the care received by young people with diabetes is not always optimal. This is what SWEET intends to change: SWEET is the first project aimed at improving the diagnosis and care of children and adolescents with diabetes in Europe in order to prevent costly and debilitating secondary disorders. The initiative, which is subsidized by the EU, was kick-started on April 9th 2008 in Bad Homburg, Germany.

"Diabetes is different for children than for adults. To make sure that everyone involved is able to help, we need specific group-based training programs. Even in countries with well-developed health care systems many children are not treated by teams experienced in pediatric diabetes."

Dr. Danne
hopes that SWEET will eliminate this problem

The SWEET online solution will allow centers with the axaris EMR "DPV2 diamax" or a different EMR to connect to the VTOC web-based platform. VTOC is compliant with the European Union Privacy Directive (EU Privacy Directive Tenants), as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rules and CFR 21, Part 11 statistical process control system standards. The roles-based platform collects and manages clinical outcomes data with the ability to generate real-time reports with anonymized, validated patient data for export to Microsoft® Excel® or PDF®. Relevant forms, education material and follow-up reminders can be sent to patients and their medical team via email or SMS text message using the rules-based VTOC Information Delivery Engine. Event-based triggers can easily be set for completion of tasks and follow-ups at designated time points. Consenting patients can also complete their quality of life forms in real-time and record/manage their glucose levels from any location that has Internet access, including their home to increase the likelihood of their on-going participation.

"axaris® is excited to be providing valuable components of the solution including a diabetes-specific EMR system and connectivity to VTOC. We are pleased to be partnering with Visiontree on this project to deliver a user-friendly solution to accommodate all scenarios of data collection and participation among centers throughout the EU. We believe the SWEET initiative and this technology platform will collect the vital data needed to improve care of pediatric and adolescent diabetic patients."

>Michael Volk
CEO of axaris®

Servers managing the VTOC web-based application with axaris connectivity are being placed at a data center Ulm, Germany for centralized 24/7 security, data processing, operational support for all participating EU countries.

"Visiontree is proud to be an integral part of this project and data collection platform. The need for a "transaction system" to allow other electronic systems to connect to one central database, as well as provide an electronic solution for those who still use paper is an exciting and meaningful contribution to this multi-center project across various countries. We are honored to be working with the SWEET Initiative and axaris on this project, which also serves as a model for vendor-agnostic interoperability and secure, long-term, patient-centered paperless data management and communication between a diabetic patient and their coordinated care team, in any language, by allowing them to securely access their portal from any computer with internet access."

Martin Pellinat
CEO & Founder of Visiontree Software, Inc.

With more than 200,000 patient users at over 100 leading sites around the globe, VTOC is improving the way healthcare is delivered and research data is collected. Visiontree also plans to provide the SWEET Group with access to the VTOC Network for real-time collaboration, feedback and file sharing as the project evolves, as well as access to its clinical trials matching service that helps patients and their coordinated care team securely communicate, send/receive referrals, share consult notes and CCR/PPR health data about relevant clinical trials.


Globally, diabetes is a disease in evolution affecting more and more childreen and adolescents. The INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY for PEDIATRIC and ADOLESCENT DIABETES (ISPAD) is a professional organization whose aims are to promote clinical and basic science, research, education and advocacy in childhood and adolecent diabetes. The strength of ISPAD lies in the scientific and clinical expertise in childhood and adolescent diabetes of its members. ISPAD is the only international society focusing specifically on all types of childhood diabetes.

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