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Ramsay Health Care Australia Launches VTOC for Patient Reported Outcomes Tracking in Multiple Specialties

Visiontree, a leader in cloud-based, patient reported outcomes, patient engagement, population health and multi-center research/registry solutions, is pleased to announce that the Visiontree Optimal Care (VTOC) platform has been launched by Ramsay Health for its multi-center use for collecting and tracking international outcomes standards for quality patient care and research.

Having commenced in 2018, patients at Ramsay Health Care mental health facilities who are receiving treatment for depression and anxiety are being offered the opportunity to participate in a study to compare their outcomes against international standards.

Patients are providing feedback through the course of their treatment and post treatment, according to a framework established by the International Consortium of Health Outcome Measures (ICHOM). Seven Ramsay Health Care mental health sites are participating in this first in Australia study that will recruit 1,000 patients and be the largest of its kind in the country.

The project has been funded by Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation (RHRF). A national steering committee has been established to guide the development of this and other outcomes-based projects that evolve from the information collected.

Foundation CEO, Nicola Ware, said the project would align with the Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation’s goals to improve patient outcomes and to embed research in the provision of clinical care. The Visiontree Optimal Care (VTOC) electronic outcomes tracking platform, has been selected to support the research initiative. VTOC is a fully cloud-based, multi-site, multi-discipline patient-centered outcomes and engagement platform, designed to deliver improved quality and efficiency in patient care. It is currently used at over 600 sites globally for 2.5M plus patients.

VTOC will be used to track and report longitudinal patient outcomes for depression and anxiety patients at RHC facilities. We are also extending its use to support PRO research programs for orthopaedic surgery and cardiology in 2019. The data collected is expected to provide significant value in quality care measurement, site benchmarking and patient outcome improvement. The platform also has the capacity to collect clinical data and will be integrated with the Meditech EHR to facilitate research projects. There is potential to utilise this platform in other research projects that are developed internally. The establishment of patient reported outcome measures within Ramsay offers the opportunity to develop greater insight into the patient experiences and outcomes as they progress through our facilities.

Nicola WareFoundation CEO

Implemented at 400+ oncology programs and 600+ sites globally, including more than 10 thought leading centers in the Asia Pacific region, as well as 17 of the top 20 U.S. News and World Report Hospitals, the VTOC platform provides a seamless solution for longitudinal, electronic patient reported outcomes (ePROs) data collection. VTOC delivers automated reporting of this electronic quality of life data at specified time points as actionable data to, as well as reporting to multi-institutional research and registry initiatives, including export to the Medidata Rave®, the database for NCI’s National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN), as well as the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR). VTOC’s interoperability solutions includes its ePROs API suite for patient reported outcomes integrated with existing patient portals supporting HL7 and Web-service interfaces for quality data import from EHR/OIS and all clinical systems.

We are excited to be working with Nicola Ware and Ramsay Health. They have developed a cutting edge outcomes center and we proud to be a part of it. VTOC is also used by leading institutions nationally and globally for longitudinal quality of life data collection, quality reporting, as well as participation in multi-center research studies and registries for meaningful benchmarking and comparative effectiveness research initiatives. With the VTOC platform launched in 12 countries and 15 languages, Visiontree's modular solutions deliver immediate, proven results for improved quality of care, research and registry participation for the rapidly evolving value-based healthcare ecosystem.

Martin Pellinat CEO & Founder of Visiontree Software, Inc.

With over a decade in clinical use, VTOC has documented improvements in patient care and the clinical workflow; including up to 20% reduction in non-urgent phone calls, up to 30% improvement in missed appointments, over 30% increased patient satisfaction, and over 40% improved compliance for capturing longitudinal PROMs. VTOC helps providers in delivering risk-adjusted outcomes data, on an individual patient or an aggregate level, for an optimized delivery of quality and efficiency in on-going patient care through outcomes tracking, actionable alerts and global benchmarking.

To learn more about the Ramsay Health initiatives, please see The Ramsay Way 2018 and for information on VTOC’s outcomes-driven patient engagement offerings, please visit us at www.visiontree.com.

About Ramsay Health Care

Ramsay Health Care is a provider of private healthcare in the UK, Australia, France, Indonesia and Malaysia founded by Paul Ramsay. It was established in Sydney, Australia in 1964. The company specialises in surgery, rehabilitation and psychiatric care.

Established in Australia in 1964, Ramsay Health Care Australia is the nation’s largest private hospital operator. With 72 hospitals and day surgery units, Ramsay Health Care Australia admits more than 1.1 million patients, delivers more than 23,000 babies, and employs more than 30,000 people. Ramsay Health Care is a respected leader in Australia’s private health care sector and is a well-recognised brand in the industry.

In addition to its comprehensive range of private hospitals, Ramsay Health Care also operates four public facilities in Australia, most notably the Joondalup Health Campus, a comprehensive teaching hospital licensed for more than 700 beds in Western Australia; Mildura Base Hospital; Noosa Hospital and Peel Health Campus.

Ramsay Health Care has also established a community pharmacy brand which operates more than 35 in-house pharmacy departments and dispensaries, as well as a retail franchise operation which supports more than 55 community franchise pharmacies.

Ramsay Health Care leads the way in developing the role of private health care in Australia’s balanced health care system. It knows the importance of teaching and research and places an emphasis on both undergraduate and postgraduate training of the future medical and nursing workforce.