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Visiontree Proven Choice: Shared Patient/Provider Decision Making App Expanding Use and Medical Conditions

Visiontree, a leader in cloud-based, patient reported outcomes, patient engagement, population health and multi-center research/registry solutions, announced today via social media that its Visiontree Proven Choice™ shared patient/provider decision making app is expanding its use functionality across medical conditions.

Visiontree Proven Choice is an innovative, shared patient/provider decision making app to provide patients an easy, step-by-step way to make important treatment option decisions with their provider when facing difficult choices in their clinical treatment pathway.

In this present age where a spectrum of clinical approaches are often presented to a patient (curative, potentially curative, palliative, invasive, minimally invasive and non-invasive), as well as easy access to a variety of information resources primarily via the internet, weighing the options and making the best decision for their own personal situation can often times be challenging and difficult.

Visiontree’s Proven Choice shared decision making app offers ways to:

  • Evaluate evidence-based treatment options by medical condition
  • Include quality of life factors with patient input
  • Take patient ‘consent’ to ‘informed consent’
  • Help physician’s document recommendations
  • Make a healthcare professional’s time more efficient during consult
  • Add confidence, satisfaction and understanding to decisions made in the treatment pathway
  • Results have included an increase of 20%+ in patient satisfaction (See Studies & Abstracts: AANS, CNS and ISRS)

The overall goal of Visiontree Proven Choice is to support evidence-based, best practice guidelines by offering a valuable and relevant tool which empowers the patient to make more informed healthcare choices specific to their unique characteristics and deliver an environment for patient-centered, shared decision making. Templates have been developed and studied in the fields of neuro/spine surgery and oncology with a growing number in progress.

To learn more, please visit Proven Choice. Feel free to contact us to join thought-leading working groups by specialty, to develop and launch shared-decision making templates by medical condition at provenchoice@visiontree.com.