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VTOC Android App is Launched!

Visiontree, a leader in cloud-based, electronic patient reported outcomes (ePROs), patient engagement, population health and multi-center research/registry solutions, announced today via Twitter that the VTOC Android App has been launched! Accessible via the Google Play® store, the VTOC patient portal app provides patients with an easy way to communicate with their providers, complete relevant forms on their treatment pathway via their smartphone, as well as receive calendar reminders, patient education material and share files using the VTOC platform.

As a cloud-based application delivering electronic patient reported outcomes, the VTOC platform has been in clinical use for more than a decade at over 600 sites and 8 of the Top 10 U.S. News & World Report Hospitals with 2.5M+ patients users globally.

VTOC offers a scalable and interoperable, enterprise-level solution for deployment and use of a library of over 200 validated electronic patient reported outcomes (ePROs) assessments. This includes use of VTOC’s Template & Timepoint Manager feature for data collection and patient reminders for proven, high completion rates for longitudinal outcomes tracking. VTOC’s roles-based form alerts system allows actionable data, entered by patients, to be triaged by relevant coordinated care team members, as well as well as providing patient-level trend, compliance and population health reporting for improved patient decision support and quality & efficiency in patient care and research participation.

With over a decade in clinical use, VTOC has documented improvements in patient care and the clinical workflow; including up to 20% reduction in non-urgent phone calls, up to 30% improvement in missed appointments, over 30% increased patient satisfaction, and over 40% improved compliance for capturing longitudinal ePROs. VTOC helps providers in delivering risk-adjusted outcomes data, on an individual patient or an aggregate level, for an optimized delivery of quality and efficiency in on-going patient care, research and global benchmarking.

To learn more about VTOC solutions, including ePROs selection with disease-site specific thought leader matrix and workflow optimization for your healthcare organization, please check out the Partner Program and contact us at info@visiontree.com.