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VisionTree Optimal Care (VTOC) v5.0 is a cloud-based, interoperable patient-centered outcomes and engagement platform proven to deliver improved quality and efficiency in patient care. VTOC provides a library of over 200 validated electronic patient reported outcomes (ePROs) assessments and Rapid Forms Builder for use with Template & Timepoint Manager for an optimized patient-centered, multidisciplinary workflow.

VTOC tracks and reports longitudinal patient outcomes, intake and follow-up forms, as well as delivering reminders, messages, education material utilizing disease-specific clinical and research/registry protocol templates. VTOC delivers proven workflow efficiency and quality of care through patient-centered data collection and real-time data analytics of quality of life & MACRA improvement activity measures.

VTOC Clinical Mobile Devices

VTOC provides ePROs, eCRFs and multidisciplinary workflow templates in these, and other, core domains:

Cardiology &
Heart Surgery
Neurological &
Spine Surgery
Research &

VTOC delivers the following key features and functionality with modular, enterprise and organizational solutions:

Patient Reported Outcomes

  • Significant library of electronic, validated patient reported outcomes assessments (200+) delivered for patient completion at any time point [Baseline, 6 mo, 12 mo, 1 yr...]
  • Form & Template APIs for "plug-and-play" interface with existing patient portals and clinical systems
  • Deliver measurable value-based care and population health with patient reported outcomes as a key quality measure
  • Library of over 200 validated ePROs includes all medical conditions with a core focus in: oncology, urology, neuro/spine and orthopaedic surgery
  • Proven Results: Over 90% patient compliance rate; 40% improved compliance over paper

Interoperability Solutions

  • Interoperability tool suite for bi-directional data exchange between disparate clinical systems including HL7, web service and scheduled report interfaces
  • VTOC Import Hub and Account Resolution Center for data mapping, import and connectivity across multiple sites using disparate EHR systems
  • Patient record identity management links patient account between sites, multi-center research and registry initiatives
  • Admin-level Reporting and User Role Management across multiple sites
  • Proven Results: Connecting multiple centers and organizations within a community and for national/global research and registry initiatives

Macra / Mips Compliant

  • VTOC is ARRA HITECH Meaningful Use certified as a modular, interoperable EHR
  • Deliver Clinical Treatment Summary [C-CDA] to patient and referring physician portals
  • Two-way, secure messaging for patient, provider and referring physician portals
  • Form alerts for patient and clinician reported outcomes set for "abnormal values" provide quality alerts and actionable data
  • Proven Results: Timely patient portal access with high levels of patient engagement and active, self-managed participation in their care pathways

Population Health

  • Disease-site specific patient and clinician reported outcomes forms, reminders and personalized education materials managed in VTOC care pathways templates
  • Data cascade and form auto-completion between all VTOC patient & clinical forms to "fill out data only once". Standardized outcomesdata sets across most all medical conditions is provided for quality reporting and global benchmarking.
  • Patient-centered communication and roles-based notifications with coordinated care team for integrated care delivery in clinical and research workflows
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics for Population Health and Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Proven Results: 30% improvement in missed appointments; 10 minutes per-patient-per-form saved within multi-disciplinary groups

ePROs API Suite

  • Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs)
  • Library of over 200+ validated outcomes assessments, intake & follow-up forms across most all medical conditions
  • Includes template/timepoint manager with roles/rules-based form alerts
  • API Suite for interoperability with any EHR/OIS or patient portal for delivering optimized patient engagement, clinical data exchange (HIEs, ACOs) and longitudinal patient-centered outcomes data collection and reporting

Cancer Survivorship Program & Care Pathways

  • VTOC provides an NCDB compliant cancer survivorship program with ASCO treatment summary and care plan templates
  • MU certified for generating the C-CDA
  • With its ePROs library and APIs, VTOC helps deliver patient-centered data exchange, coordinated care team communication, building a patient's PHR and patient-centered oncology pathways for a patient's lifelong qualityof care

Import Hub

  • Data mapping and export/import interface for multi-center research, registry and population data collection and reporting using your own specified data elements

Rapid Forms Builder

  • Ability to build, edit and publish forms with various question types/layouts for use on the VTOC platform across all major web browsers

360 Analytics

  • Population health charts/dashboards, risk-adjusted outcomes reporting and longitudinal outcomes data management
  • 80%+ compliance
  • 85% rated very user-friendly
  • Average age of 61 yrs old
  • Increase staff efficiency of collecting and accessing patient data
  • Reduce costly dictation service
  • Capture and report PQRI, public reporting and multi-site research projects
  • Improved patient safety by capturing all E&M codes
  • Reduce missed/cancelled appointments through reminder system
  • Easily collect, aggregate and filter clinical and quality of life outcomes data

"Clinical research typically has its greatest challenges in collecting patient-completed information, since it is usually done through a paper or phone survey. VTOC offers us the ability to move this process to an electronic format through a secure web-portal to collect data in a faster and more compliant manner. The platform also allows us to deliver relevant information to the patient including reminders, education material and study information more effectively in order to manage their treatment. VTOC is a system whose time has come."

Benjamin Movsas, M.D., Chair of Radiation Oncology
Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital and Principal Investigator of an RTOG pilot study using the VTOC system

"In this present age where a spectrum of clinical approaches are presented to a patient (curative, potentially curative, palliative, invasive, minimally and non-invasive), as well as easy access to a variety of information resources primarily via the internet, weighing the options and making the best decision for their own personal situation can often times be challenging and difficult.

This new application and the data collected will undoubtedly play an innovative and leading role in taking traditional patient consent to a level of truly informed consent; and we are excited to be offering it to the patients at UCLA."

Antonio De Salles, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Head of Stereotactic Surgery, and Co-Director of the Radiosurgery Program UCLA School of Medicine/UCLA Medical Center
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