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The Visiontree Optimal Care (VTOC) v5.0 patient portal is MACRA / MIPS compliant as a Modular EHR and fully interoperable, providing a library of 200+ electronic patient reported outcomes assessments (ePROs), disease-site specific templates and cancer survivorship program to deliver an integrated, paperless, coordinated care workflow and optimal patient engagement.

Patient reported outcomes collected using the VTOC patient portal can be reported on a patient level, aggregate site level, including MACRA / MIPS, PQRS and OCM requirements, as well as de-identified for multi-institutional research study, registry, population health and global benchmarking initiatives.

The VTOC patient portal delivers patient reported outcomes tracking, health record management, secure two-way messaging, personalized education material, survivorship programs and research study/registry participation.

VTOC's ePROs API also provides solutions for a lightweight, hybrid or seamless interface of VTOC ePROs and patient portal features with existing patient portal systems for quality reporting across disparate systems and delivering, high quality and cost effective value-based care.

VTOC Patient Portal Features

Complete & store all of your forms

VTOC provides an intuitive interface for completing forms requested by your provider. Your data is securely shared with your care team.

Build & manage your PHR

VTOC provides the ability to enter your health information and build your Personal Health Record using data standards of the ARRA HITECH Act.

Store & share information from one place

VTOC allows you to store all of your health information and share this with your provider & care team as you need.

View & store imaging and test results

VTOC allows you to send and receive imaging and lab results with your provider and care team as you need.

Receive reminders, messages & alerts

Stay up-to-date with reminders, alerts and messages from your care team when you need them. VTOC secure emails never disclose personal information.

Receive education material

VTOC provides relevant education material from your provider based on your condition and treatment pathway.
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