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Year Studies & Abstracts
2022 ICHOM 2022 - ePRO Meets Data Science as a Standard Patient Outcome Metric of Research and Care
2022 Patient-Reported Outcome-Based Symptom Management Versus Usual Care After Lung Cancer Surgery: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial
2021 The Transition to Value-Based Healthcare in the US and the Role of Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes
2020 Integration and Utilization of Electronic Patient Report Outcomes (ePROs) in a Radiation Oncology Practice
2020 COVID-19 Emergency and the Need to Speed Up the Adoption of Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes in Cancer Clinical Practice
2020 TROG 2020 - VTOC Patient Portal Poster
2020 2020 - International Journal of Particle Therapy - COVID-19 and Proton Therapy
2018 Ramsay Health Integrates Patient Reported Outcomes & ICHOM Standards Using VTOC Platform (page 12)
2018 How Patient-Reported Outcomes are Rocketing Patient Organizations to the Next Level
2017 VTOC and Fitbit Track Subjective and Objective Patient Outcomes in Spine Surgery
2016 Measuring and Communicating Health Care Value with Charts
2015 Uveal Melanoma: 'Evidence for Efficacy of Therapy - Using VTOC for Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs)'
SOCRA Abstract 2014 Roles-Based Event Notification in the Clinical and Research Setting
2013 Can electronic web-based technology improve quality of life data collection? Analysis of Radiation Therapy Oncology Group 0828
2012 Technical solution for data collection, data safety and data privacy legislation: experiences from the SWEET study
2011 RTOG Patient Reported Outcomes Study using VTOC for Missing Quality of Life Data Collection
2010 PAAROT/ASTRO Maintenance of Certification: Second Year Data using Visiontree Platform
2010 Leveraging Web-Based Modular Technologies to Enhance Meaningful Use of EHRs
2009 PAAROT/ASTRO Maintenance of Certification: First Year Data using Visiontree Platform
ASTRO Poster 2009 VTOC Used by UPENN/NIH Tissue Bank
2009 VTOC Used For Meningioma Outcomes Research
2009 IHE-RO Radiation Oncology Patient Portal Use Case
CNS Poster 2006 Decision Support Software Use for Patients: Immediate and Post Evaluation
ISRS Poster 2005 Visiontree: Stereotactic Radiation vs. Conventional Surgery
AANS Poster 2005 Definition of a Treatment Modality by the Patients Using a Decision-Making Software
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