VTOC Full Circle Program

Quality, operational efficiency & patient loyalty metrics

VTOC Full Circle Program

VTOC Full Circle Program

Visiontree®, the leader in cloud-based patient-centered health data management, provider communication and integrated research solutions, is excited to provide the VTOC Full Circle Program to all VTOC clients and users. The purpose of the complimentary program is to ensure Visiontree is providing meaningful, measurable statistics to its users based its own stated software goals and objectives, and provide a regular monthly or quarterly check-in with the organization.


  • Quality Measures (alerts & reporting)
  • Patient Satisfaction/Loyalty
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (integrated research, data accuracy & completeness)
  • Operational Efficiency (i.e. saving time in phone/paper communication: appointments, refills, billing, referrals, intake/new patient packet)
  • Patient Login Activity with demographic metrics
  • Patient Engagement in MACRA/MIPS Incentive Programs

In recognition of its successful eight-year history as the leader in specialty-specific portal usage, Visiontree would also like to announce its official VTOC Oncology, VTOC Surgical and VTOC Research product platforms. With the company continuing its strong commitment to product development of Clinician Reported Outcomes, Patient Reported Outcomes, best practice templates, and other tools specific to delivering quality and efficiency in patient care and reporting in your oncology, surgery and research programs.

Patient Feedback

Over 2,000 patients have reported the following feedback in using their VTOC patient portal:

  • 86% find VTOC somewhat to very easy to use
  • 94% find VTOC somewhat-to-very useful
  • 75% of users are over 60 years old
  • 87% would like to keep using VTOC long-term for their care and communication with their physician

Other Feedback

Clinical and multi-center research sites using VTOC reported the following:

  • 70%+ have seen 5-15 min. in time savings per patient (on average) with the web-based patient portal collecting patient-reported outcomes forms over long-term time points with reminders
  • 80% reported that VTOC has helped with the patient engagement in Patient Reported Outcomes data collection

VTOC Connected Community

VTOC continues to build a strong user group through the VTOC Connected Community™. This includes sharing experiences of patient and medical adoption, as well as a connected community for best practice templates, forms library and case studies.

Data Collection & Management

VTOC iPad and mobile solutions for data collection and data management:

  • 80%+ compliance
  • 85% rated very user-friendly
  • Average age of 61 yrs old
  • Increase staff efficiency of collecting and accessing patient data
  • Reduce costly dictation service
  • Capture and report data for MACRA/MIPS and multi-center research/registry initiatives
  • Improved patient safety by capturing all E&M codes
  • Reduce missed/cancelled appointments through reminder system
  • Easily collect, aggregate and filter clinical and quality of life outcomes data
VTOC Patient Portal Mobile

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