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API and technical specifications for three levels of integration

VTOC Partner Program

VisionTree is pleased to offer the VTOC Partner Program to expand and enhance your organization's legacy systems or commercial product offering. VisionTree provides API and technical specifications for utilizing its significant electronic patient and clinical reported outcomes library (ePROs and eCRFs) in conjunction with its Template and Timepoint Manager for workflow optimization. The flexibility of a modular, cloud-based solution allows for the adoption of a Service-Oriented-Architecture and specialty-specific, outcomes-driven, patient engagement modules for rapid deployment and delivery to market in a fast-paced and rapidly expanding healthcare ecosystem.

Overview of VTOC's Partner Program:

  • VTOC ePROs - Provides access to Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs) library of over 200 validated outcomes assessments, including:
    • Intake, patient reported outcomes & follow-up forms across all medical conditions with a focus on delivering a patient-centered, multidisciplinary workflow
    • Use of Template/Timepoint Manager with roles/rules-based form alerts for clinical workflow/pathways and/or research protocol management
    • Forms may be assigned with timepoints and corresponding email notifications, using ICD-10 diagnosis codes and appointment types, as well as treatment pathway logic for longitudinal outcomes data collection (e.g. baseline, 3 mo, 6 mo, 12 mo, 24 mo, etc)
  • VTOC ePROs API Suite
    • Integration with Existing Patient Portals
      • Lightweight - Simple hyperlink without Single Sign-On (SSO) capability
      • Hybrid - Similar to the lightweight solution with an additional SSO, wherein patients logging into the EHR patient portal would have a link to VTOC
      • Seamless - VisionTree can integrate web-services from the EHR patient portal and VTOC web-services would be built to these specs. VTOC forms would take on the EHR 'look and feel', including email communications, and be updated as EHR UI updates are made. This solution could be hosted by VTOC or the EHR provider.
    • Custom style sheets may apply vendor CSS to VTOC form logic
    • Ability to use VTOC forms (responsive GUI, mobile friendly) with SSO link or embedded (e.g. iframe)
  • Interface Options
    • HL7 Interfaces (bi-directional) supported: ADT, SIU, Document and FHIR®
    • SMART® on FHIR® with VTOC as a 'plug-in' app inside any compliant EHR
    • Scheduled data export options (Web services or HL7)
    • Lightweight, Seamless, Hybrid, Integration with existing Patient Portal
VTOC Partner Program - HL7 FHIR
VTOC Partner Program - SMART
  • Data Management
    • Hosted model stores data on VTOC platform as it is captured
    • VTOC Forms Connector API - Provides option of storing patient data in VTOC or EHR technology partner (via Web service, provided as a 'per form use' model)
VTOC Hub Data Flow and Interoperability Overview
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