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Visiontree Supporting Value-Based Healthcare Initiatives in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Visiontree, a Brainlab company, and leader in cloud-based, patient-reported outcomes, patient engagement, population health and multi-center research/registry solutions, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals for the Therakos Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) initiative. The plan is to leverage the Visiontree flagship cloud-based application in select hospitals and clinics to collect clinician- and patient-reported outcomes as related to extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP) therapy.

The initiative is a multi-year program aimed to demonstrate the value of ECP therapy based on clinical outcomes, cost effectiveness, and productivity. Participating sites will leverage the Visiontree application to collect longitudinal, electronic clinician- and patient-reported outcomes measures (CROMs/PROMs). Hospitals will be able to utilize Visiontree interoperability solutions, including standardized HL7 FHIR® and application programming interface (API) suite to integrate to existing electronic health records (EHR) clinical systems. This deep interoperability allows for integrated data collection within the workflow, and real-world data sharing with the outcomes initiative.

We are extremely honored for Visiontree to have the opportunity to support this initiative. We're looking forward to supporting the overall goal of providing a centralized method to collect patient-level quality data using the Visiontree app. Our goal is to help med tech, pharma and academia drive care improvement using patient outcomes tracking.

Martin PellinatCEO & Founder of Visiontree Software, Inc.

The Therakos VBHC initiative will lay a foundation for a new model of tracking outcomes that will allow clinicians to improve care and optimize payment models. Mallinckrodt is excited to take a leading role in delivering value-based care, a growing trend to increase quality while lowering total cost of care. We are delighted to be working with Visiontree to shape the future of healthcare around quality care, patient health and overall population health.

Florian HugentoblerMallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Regional Business Director Southern Europe

After more than a decade in clinical use, Visiontree has documented improvements in the clinical and research workflows, including 40%+ improved compliance for capturing longitudinal patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs), 10 minutes per-form staff-time saved, and 20% increased patient satisfaction. See Studies & Abstracts for more detailed information.

Overall, Visiontree helps providers by delivering risk-adjusted outcomes data, on an individual patient or an aggregate level, to allow for improved quality and efficiency of on-going patient care.

Visiontree is part of the Snke OS global digital health tech platform. Based in Munich, Germany, Snke OS is a secure B2B ecosystem that connects the dots between data sources, driving insights and analytics while creating technologies that help customers lead fast and lead first. Snke OS is transforming healthcare using digital twin models, deep tech, AI, and big data to improve industry best practices in the patient journey.