CY 2022 Real World Testing Report for Visiontree

Executive Summary

This is the test report for CY 2022 real world testing for VisionTree certified EHR solution, VTOC. This is the companion document to our CY 2022 real world test plan that described our approach for conducting real world testing in CY 2022 and the testing measures we employed.

Real world testing is critical for us as our customers reply on VTOC to engage their patient population with their health care status. Our findings indicate that the VTOC is working as it was certified with no errors or non-compliances were observed, and it is widely used by our patient population. Our Patient Access Measure breaks down our findings across both total and unique patient access events.

Developer Attestation

This Real World Testing report is complete with all required elements. All information in this plan is up to date and fully addresses the health IT developer's Real World Testing requirements.

General Information

Plan Report ID Number
Developer Name
Product Name(s)
VisionTree Optimal Care (VTOC)
Version Number(s)
Certified Health IT Criteria
Product List (CHPL) ID and Link(s)
Developer Real World Testing Page URL
Relied Upon Software
Mirth Mail by Mirth Corporation

Timeline and Milestones for Real World Testing CY 2022

Begin communication with clients to ask for their support and participation in real world testing. The goal is to have a sufficient number of clients committed for real world testing by the end of 1Q-2022.
Status: MET
During the 2nd and 3rd quarter of CY 2022, the real world testing with clients will be scheduled and performed. It is expected that a preparatory call will be done with clients to prepare them for testing activities. Results will be documented in the test results section of the test methods and ultimately used to build the test report. If any non-compliances are observed, we will notify the ONC-ACB of the findings and make the necessary changes required.
Status: MET
During the last quarter of the year, the CY 2022 real world test plan will be completed according to ONC and ONC-ACB requirements and expectations. Test plan will be prepared for submission before the end of the year.
Status: MET

Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP) Updates

For CY 2022 RWT testing, we did not do any SVAP updates.

Standard (and version)
Updated certification criteria and associated product
Health IT Module CHPL ID
Method used for standard update
Date of ONC-ACB notification
Date of customer notification (SVAP only)
Conformance measure
USCDI-updated certification criteria (and USCDI version)

RWT Measure #1. Number of Patients Accessing Portal

Associated Criteria
Testing Methodology

Measurement Description

This measure is tracking and counting how many patients are given login access to their patient portal account and able to access their patient data on the portal over the course of a given interval.

Care Settings and Number of Clients Site to Test

VTOC patient portal is primarily targeted to the ambulatory and oncology health settings, and our measures were designed for this setting in mind. We sampled two practice sites and reported their results.

Testing Results

Average Results per SiteAverage Result
Total Patient Logins via Web6,467
Unique Patient Logins via Web1,107
Total Patient Logins via Mobile1,218
Unique Patient Logins via Mobile366

Analysis and Key Findings

Our results reveal our patient portal is extremely popular and widely used. It also illustrates that even with the growth mobile access and essentially 100% penetration in the US market, most of our patients prefer to access their patient data via the traditional web portal application. Findings also show that patients who do access their health data choose to do so multiple times a month, between 3-5 times per month, as evidence by our test results.

Non-Conformities or Errors Discovered

During our testing, we did not discover any errors or criteria non-conformities.

Changes for this Measure from Original RWT Test Plan

We did not make any notable changes from our documented RWT Test Plan in our testing methods or metrics. We did add in the breakdown of unique vs total patient access as well as accessing via the web or mobile to add more details to our metric.